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    Media Release    

    Monday, Feb 26, 2007
    CONTACT: Mitch Manzella (732) 646-1547

    Foundation goes to Trumpet Awards, Las Vegas 2007


    February 11, 2007. Founder Peter Kulish and Director Carole Bergeron of the Foundation for Magnetic Science, and a delegation from BiomagScienceTM were invited to attend the prestigious 2007 Trumpet Awards at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.


    Created in 1993, the Trumpet Awards recognize the accomplishments of Black Americans who have succeeded against immense odds. Potential honorees are people who are viewed not only for what they have individually achieved but also for the achievement they inspire in others.

                Peter Kulish


    The Foundation for Magnetic Science spent the weekend meeting with doctors, foreign heads of state, fortune 500 executives, actors, musicians, leaders in the African American community, and anyone who was interested in learning the latest advancements in the field of advanced bio-energy  science..





           Carole Bergeron


    Andrew Young, the first African American US Ambassador to the United Nations, was very interested in the latest information on the successes in biomagnetic science. 


    During his discussion with Peter Kulish, Ambassador Young explained that he has been told by numerous doctors that he would require surgery to resolve a painful long-term knee injury that made it extremely difficult to walk.


    Text Box:  Kulish explaining the Foundation's research which has established therapies that comfort pain from aggravated knee injury and that it is possible to re-grow tissue and nerves from the simple, but advanced bio-circuits strapped onto the knee.


    Now after 3 weeks of the  Foundation's advanced therapy, the Ambassador has reported that his knee is much better and now is able to walk comfortably.

                                                                                                         Click here for Video clip

    The Foundation also met with Coach Dr. John Carlos, best known for his 1968 Olympic protest that became one of the most recognized photos of the Civil Rights Movement..


    Carlos, along with Teammate Tommie Smith won bronze and gold medals, respectively, in the 200 meters in Mexico City.


    The Olympics deemed the political statement unfit for the apolitical, international forum the Olympic Games was supposed to be. In an immediate response to their actions, Smith and Carlos were suspended from the US team and banned from the Olympic Village. When the US Olympic Committee refused, it was then told that the entire US team would be banned. This threat led to the two athletes being stripped of their medals and expelled from the Games.






    Carlos has a strong interest in advanced biomagnetic technology for his long-term, painful knee injury which the doctors say needs surgery. He is looking for an alternative solution to the surgery.


    Carlos coaches track and field in the Palm Springs area and is also very interested in advanced Biomagnetics for the many aches, pains and strains his athletes are naturally prone to.


    Kulish and Bergeron explain to Carlos about the advanced Biomagnetic Circuit as it is applied with simple bandaides.



    Mary Wilson of The Supremes spent time with Carole Bergeron and Peter Kulish, asking questions and learning about how magnetic therapy can help with various health issues.


    One of Motown's signature acts, The Supremes were the most successful African American musical act of the 1960s, recording twelve American number-one hits between 1964 and 1969. The crossover success of the Supremes during the mid-1960s paved the way for future black soul and R&B acts to gain mainstream audiences.






     Comedian George Wallace poses with Carole Bergeron and Brian Shair following the awards dinner. Wallace is one of many well known people who met and enjoyed time and learned about the Mission of the Foundation and BiomagScienceTM  .



    Mitch Manzella, Louis Elwell, Ralph Fucetola, Peter Kulish, Brian Shair, Carole Bergeron


    The Foundation for Magnetic Science supports and researches biomagnetic and magnetic fluid conditioning research, certifies biomagnetic research practitioners and conducts a multi-faceted, worldwide public educational campaign on magnet therapy about the uneducated misuse of magnet therapy for pain relief. The Foundation's researchers have spent 27 years measuring cellular electricity and defining the body's positive and negative energy pathways. It has found that most people apply magnets incorrectly on their body. This gives temporary results and in some cases, creates more pain. However, when used correctly, there are remarkable results. The Foundation web site provides access to its protocols, science products and research such as the immediate increase in cellular electrical vitality and microscopic photos of before and after blood cells showing an increase in health with free radical sites immediately resolving.


    The use of magnetism is intended to benefit normal structure and function and is not prescribed as treatment for medical or psychological conditions, nor for diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, nor to apply medical, mental health or human development principles. Not intended to treat disease, support or sustain human life, or to prevent impairment of human health; for self-education and research purposes only. Fluid Conditioning claims are suggestive only, based on pre-patent research and reviews of the literature of the state of the art, and are subject to third party substantiation. Testimonial results are not typical.

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