Research Foundation, Concerned About the Misuse of Magnetic Therapy, Launches Education Campaign

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  • The Foundation for Magnetic Science announced today the launching of a multi-faceted, worldwide public educational campaign on magnet therapy about the uneducated misuse of magnet therapy for pain relief. The Foundation’s researchers have spent 27 years measuring cell electricity and defining the body’s positive and negative energy pathways. It has found that find most people apply magnets of the wrong polarity on various parts of their body. This gives temporary results and in some cases, creates more pain. However, when used correctly, there are remarkable results. The Foundation web site provides access to its protocols, science products and research such as the immediate increase in cellular electrical vitality and microscopic photos of before and after blood cells showing an increase in health with free radical sites immediately resolving.

    Research Foundation, Concerned About the Misuse of Magnetic Therapy, Launches Education Campaign

    New Hope, PA (PRWEB) June 22, 2006 -- BioPhysics Researcher Peter Kulish, Founder and Director of the Foundation for Magnetic Science announced today the launching of a multi-faceted, worldwide public educational campaign on magnet therapy.

    "We are very concerned about the uneducated misuse of magne therapy for pain relief and wellness. The Foundation’s researchers have spent 27 years measuring cellular response, regeneration, defining the body’s positive and negative energy pathways and developing simple and advanced therapies that are used worldwide to support wellness and help overcome simple, acute and chronic health conditions.

    What we have found is that most people do not know the science of properly applying biomagnets to their body. Unfortunately because most biomagnet manufacturers do not know the science, their proffered magnet application are often use the wrong polarity or the correct polarity on the wrong polarity location of the body. This may provide temporary results, but often creates a lack of healing and sometimes more pain from the stress of improper energizing.

    When biomagnetism is used correctly, there are remarkable results. It is the Foundation’s mission to ensure that everyone knows the simple and proper placement for using magnets on the body." Kulish explains.

    Proper application of the [most often used] bio-negative energy and the correct use of the positive energy [in advanced circuit therapies] is the most important aspect of energy medicine in providing the body with vitality and increased healing functions. Research dictates that one side (meridian) of the body’s limbs are positive and the other is negative. When applying general negative healing energy to the limbs, it is important to apply it to the negative meridian of that limb. When using advanced Circuit Therapy, it is also very important use the correct energy on the correct meridian polarity – negative on negative, positive on positive. The proper use of applying Biomagnetism is essential in any body therapy for effective results.

    BiomagScience (www.BiomagScience.Net) through the Foundation teaches and ensures the correct therapy application in their biomagnetic kits. It provides many white papers on how and why magnetism can help support rapid healig and pain relief.

    For example, the bio-negative pole is used for arthritis, wounds, broken bones, nerve & tissue regeneration, burns, infections, toothaches, headaches, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, aches, pains, and swelling. The bio-positive pole is used in conjunction with the negative pole in the Circuit Therapy such as the Meridian Energizing Therapy for advanced illness, advanced back pain therapy, circuits of regeneration of nerve, joint, bone, and cartilage, and short term specific therapy for hypoactive glands/organs as shown under MagnetoDiagnostics in Peter Kulish’s book Conquering Pain, the Art of Healing with Biomagnetism. Please see the article "Which side of a magnet to use, it matters," to review the various usage.

    The Foundation’s research on BiomagSceince.Net focuses on the health benefits of the use of Biomagnetics, its scientific findings and specific therapies. BiomagScience also provides a public biomagnetic forum at Questions and answers to therapies are available for discussion and consultation on the forum. In addition, BiomagScience also provides individualized suggestive therapies by phone or email.
    www.BiomagScience.Net web site is available for energy health products and kits, supplements and major research, case studies, and many white papers to help understand how Biomagnetism provides important supplementation to resolve many types of health conditions.

    One may review case study research on the immediate increase in cellular electrical vitality with microscopic photos of before and after blood cells showing an immediate increase in health; additional tests show instant healing of free radical sites – something never seen before.

    Kulish’s research in alternative energy medicine (Biomagnetism) is respected throughout the world. He has lectured and carried on research with various international Science Societies, Medical Clinics and Colleges where his advanced protocols are employed. Kulish states: "Similar to acupuncture, but without the needles, BiomagScience is the science of magnet therapy. It immediately elevates the body’s electromotive vitality which provides an increase in immune and metabolic functions which provide supplemental healing enabling the body to heal faster while providing consistent pain relief. Biomagnetism is a major tool in our arsenal for health."

    BiomagScience's Rare Earth BioMagnets are backed by over 30 years of scientific research and specific therapies to support the body in more than 170 simple, acute and chronic health conditions.

    BiomagScience's Rare Earth BioMagnets are advanced state-of-the-art, medical magnets therapeutically designed for specific depth and width of penetration. They come with plastic safety covers to protect the user from the dangerous shattering of the neodymium super magnets. They come with a lifetime warranty. The cases have raised letters on the positive side so one can feel the proper placement when applying them out of site such as on the back. They are used by doctors, practitioners, caregivers, medical institutions and individuals worldwide.

    Foundation for Magnetic Science
    (formerly Magnetizer BioPhysics Research Foundation)
    PO BOX 110 • Holicong, PA 18928-0110

    Acute pain, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, insomnia resolved with BioMagnets

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  • Acute pain, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, insomnia resolved with BioMagnets
    Before and After Energized Blood Tests

    Sample 1
    Live, Pre-therapy
    Sample 2
    Live, Treated with BioMagnets
    for 40 minutes

    Sample 1 - Taken Prior to Energy Therapy: The following microscopic pictures are examples of before and after a forty minute Daytime Therapy of medium size wafers. The sample was taken from a 48-year-old male, who was in acute pain from a car accident, resulting in whiplash. His symptoms ranged from constant pain, nausea, vomiting, blurred vision, insomnia and inability to lie down.

    In the first sample, the red blood cells are seen in the rouleau formation (an abnormal stacking of the red blood cells) with fibrin (lines crossing) in the background, this configuration of the blood cells may be related to a great deal of inflammation in the body. He had just come from a chiropractic therapy that further exacerbated his pain level. When fibrin is formed from inflammation, one end is positively charged, the other end is negative. These will cause the red blood cells to clump together in rouleau formation. When the red blood cells are congested in this manner there is decreased surface area for exchange of oxygen and nutrients in the capillary beds and less ability for the cells to pick up waste to take back to the liver and lungs for detoxification. This will result in decreased circulation, especially to the injured site, leading to more pain and tightness, as well as free radical activity and cell death.

    Sample 2 - After Energy Therapy: After a forty-minute Daytime Therapy using the BioMagScience medium size Super BioMagnets with the negative side down over the sternum, the rouleau formation of the unhealthy blood cells was dispersed into the healthy singular cells as shown by re-establishment of the cell’s Zeta potential (slight negative charge around the cells). This potential keeps the red blood cells flowing freely in circulation and allows for optimal exchange of nutrients through increased surface area. Increased blood flow translates into increased ability to heal damaged tissues.

    Carole Bergeron, RN

    25 year illness starts resolving

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  • Before and After Energized Blood Tests

    Sample Taken Prior to Energy Therapy: This is a sample of a 53 yr. old female with many years of chronic malabsorbtion, constipation, fibromyalgia and depression that may be related to slow ability to heal. This example of chronic oxidative stress has remained fixed and unchanged, regardless of all of the many healing modalities, both allopathically and holistically, that she has experienced.

    I have worked with her for three years, along with five other practitioners. Although there had been improvement, it had occurred very slowly. She went from a couch to minimal activity, but had remained unable to resume normal daily activity. Although there are indicators of metal and chemical toxicity, she had been too weak to go through any kind of detoxification. Through the three years of therapy, there had been no change in her dry cell, as seen below.

    The dry cell test was first developed by Dr. Bowen and later researched by Dr. Bradford from American Biologics. It is an indicator of oxidative stress/free radical activity in the tissues. This phenomenon appears throughout this sample as lightened areas or “white lakes”.


    Sample 1 -Dry Cell, Untreated

    Sample Taken after Energy Therapy: The next sample was taken one hour after the lower Cerebral Vestibular System (CVS) therapy. The “white lake” indicators of oxidative stress (free radicals) have disappeared. In my thirty years experience I have not seen such rapid changes in tissue damage.

    The patient felt an increase in energy one half hour into the therapy and cried tears of joy when she saw these results. Within two weeks, her energy had greatly increased along with decreases in knee and lower back pain. On a scale from one to ten, prior to energy therapy, her pain with minimal exertion, was ten. With the proper energy applications to these areas, it had been reduced to a pain rating of four. I have directed her to use the Daytime, Nighttime and Meridian Energizing Therapy Protocols as standard therapy before the next series of tests.

    Her confidence in her healing process is high for the first time. For her, it has been a very long journey. She has been able to resume her singing, which requires hours of standing with her band as they perform. This was impossible prior to these applications.

    Sample 2 – Dry Cell, Treated


    This case is consistent with my clinical findings with the use of BioMagScience BioMagnets and protocols. I have worked with other practitioners in using other bio-magnetic products and protocols, with no results in our many attempts to find solutions for her.

    With the use of the BioMagScience’s BioMagnets, I have consistently found acute cases that appear to get immediate results, while chronic conditions show dramatic changes, typically in two weeks with the compliance of protocols.

    My extensive investigation into the use of bio-magnets has indicated over the years that the BioMagScience is the only body teaching:

  • The correct placement of single and advanced electromotive protocols based on the correct physiological specific nerve [energy] pathways and cellular and/or tissue placement.
  • Proper strength and type of bio-magnets for energizing shallow and deep tissue.
  • Additional research and findings of the beneficial use of magnetized water for further biologic needs

  • My hypothesis is that when the healthy negative [Zeta Potential] charge of the cell is re-established, it creates the homeostatic environment that the body is always striving toward by giving the cell the electrical charge that it requires to balance the chemistry. Once there is enough energy induction [from the proper bio-magnet placement] for the 70 trillion cells to reach full potential, then proper assimilation and elimination is possible.

    In my career, I have found that doing the least amount of therapy, in the right order, kicks the body into healing itself in a profound manner. These specialized bio-magnets and protocols have now become my first step in helping the body regain its energy, to reach its optimal performance.

    I shall continue to submit my findings on this patient, as she continues to heal.

    Carole Bergeron, July 2005

    BioMagnet Therapy FAQ

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  • Biomagnetic Therapy FAQs

    Since a major poration of the Biomagnetic Therapy FAQs come directly from, we have moved the FAQs to BiomagScience.Net. Please click the banner below.

    Biomagnetic Therapy FAQs

    BioMagnetic Research

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  • BioMagnetic Science Research Section

    The Toxicity is the Disease

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    The Toxicity is the Disease: Can Our Bodies No Longer Detox?
    Copyright 2003 by Howard Reminick, Ph.D., Ohno Institute on Water and Health; USA

    The body is under constant attack. Environmental contaminants make their way into the air, food and water, and invade our body. Rapid environmental changes in modern society have been a factor in the breakdown of the body's defenses and a rise in immune-related diseases. Although we are living longer, we are forced to live a longer period of time with chronic disease associated with aging, resulting from the life-long effects of environmental toxicity.

    The Positive Benefits of BioMagnetics

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  • by Dr. William Pawluk, MD, MSc.

    The human body floats in a sea of magnetic fields--those of the earth, moon, sun, and other galactic fields. The body is full of magnetic materials. Every cell and atom of the body is a small magnetic dynamo. The body's fields, which are very tiny, are measured in devices called SQUIDS. The earth's field is 100,000 times or more stronger than the body's! We are so dependent on the earth's fields that astronauts in space for long periods require artificial magnetic fields to maintain health.

    Researchers in Biomagnetic Therapy

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  • Tennessee Society of Anesthesiologists

    Dr. W. Bradley Worthington, former president of the Tennessee Society of Anesthesiologists has used Biomagnets on more than 1,000 patients with tremendous success. "They’ve proven effective in more than 80 percent of patients. In some cases such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, the success rate is 95%"


    Baylor College of Medicine

    Magnetotherapy, It Can Help You

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  • by Ken Wiancko, MD

    Conventional medicine has long opposed "alternative" treatment techniques. With many of these, although they provide benefits to those using them, their mode of action was unexplained scientifically. Magneto therapy (treatment of illness with magnetic current) has been extensively researched and the physiology of its benefits documented.

    Life developed under the influence of the earth's geomagnetic field. Although this field is relatively small, it plays a major role in many bodily functions. All tissues of the body and nervous system carry electromagnetic charges. These in turn react to magnetic fields. Cell regulation is governed by electromagnetic currents of the body. The body itself creates a magnetic field (termed bio-magnetism) which can be measured by sensitive magnetometers. In disease states these body electromagnetic potentials are altered and again are measurable. The effects of magnetics on the body is called magneto-biology, the subject of this article.

    Magnetized Water; Amalgam Fillings

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    Michael Galitzer, M.D., American Health Institute, Los Angeles, CA, Howard Reminick, Ph.D. and Yoshitaka Ohno, M.D., Ph.D., Ohno Institute on Water and Health, Cleveland, OH, Harold Ravins, D.D.S., Center for Holistic Dentistry, Los Angeles, CA.


    The field of biological dentistry is rapidly gaining acceptance as an alternative to traditional, mainstream dentistry because of its sound health principles and practices, and attention to toxicology. Although it has made inroads among a more informed public, it still maintains the reputation as "new age" and controversial, due to the resistance from the established dental industry and the political pressure of the American Dental Association. Two controversial areas practiced in biological dentistry which draw criticism from mainstream dentists are removal of mercury amalgam fillings and chelation. With more and more studies under way to provide sound, scientific evidence on the value of these two practices, leaders in the field will soon be able to establish guidelines and policies, leading to its acceptance as an equal provider of mainstream dental care.

    Biomagnet Therapy